Find Your Passion in What You Do (transcript)

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(Note–this is a transcript from a podcast I recorded earlier this year)

I want to talk about the popular and prevailing belief nowadays which is to find your passion, find out what gives you bliss and then make a living doing your passion.  There are tons of books, podcasts and coaching programs based on this philosophy.  I have read many of these books and listened to a number of these podcasts.  I feel they make interesting points but it is all very seductive and alluring.  You too can quit your job.  Write a blog daily in your pajamas which has 100,000 views monthly.  Become a life coach with a hundred clients.  Host a very popular podcast with thousands of downloads every day.  You can run an online business out of your house and be rich.

Well, I am here to tell you this is all wrong.  I strongly feel the so called experts espousing this belief that you must find your passion first and then work your passion are doing a huge disservice to you and me.  The experts say buy my book.  Buy my training course.  Follow me.  Look at me.  Have a good attitude.  Believe in yourself.  Then you too can be like me.  My point here is that a lot of these “experts” (and I have quotations around experts) are selling a fantasy.  They are selling a lifestyle which only a small minority of innately and truly gifted people can live.  The idealized life the experts sell sounds so good.  It is within our grasp as long we believe it is possible.  Each person can attain the passion led life and if you can’t do it then it’s your problem because I am doing it.

This is all wrong.  This is not how we live.  We are being sold a bill of goods.  I strongly believe this is the truth.  “Find Your Passion in what you are already doing.”  Our life and what we have is a gift.  This is the reality.

For example if I were to follow my passion then I would be sitting on a beach all day and watching the ocean.  I love watching the waves roll in one after the other, I love the smell of the salty air and the salt water, I love hearing the waves crash into the beach, I love watching the birds, I love searching the water for whales and dolphins.  I can’t make a living being a beach bum.

Currently I live in Colorado.  I am a Realtor.  Being a Realtor is a local job.  You can’t telecommute and be successful on a long term basis.  My wife has a good job.  Our two daughters are in middle and elementary school.  There is no way I can make a living or uproot my family to go live on a beach somewhere.  Well, some of you might say you can open a scuba diving business and take people on trips to exotic dive locations like Belize and the Caribbean islands.  But at my stage of life this is not practical nor a good idea to completely change careers so drastically.

For me living a passion led life like this doesn’t work.  I am already living my passion but I just have to be reminded of what I already have.  We all need a wake up call for our life and what we already have.

As I write this I am in India.  Our trip is two weeks long.  I miss my life.   I miss my job. I can’t believe I am writing this but I miss my routine.  The grass is not always greener.  I’m like George Bailey.  “Clarence, I want to live again. I want to live again.”  Once you lose what you have it makes you realize what a great life you had.  Life in India is hard.  I can’t do anything here like I can at home.  I am not living my true life.  A lot of people complain about their job.  Same thing in real estate.  I’ve heard it all and lived it for 12 years.  Buyers are liars.  Sellers never listen.  Lenders are always killing my deals.  And then the usual ups and downs of deals and contracts.  But I miss it all now since I am gone.  I do enjoy my work.  I get satisfaction from helping my clients.  You’ve heard me say many times before say how meaningful and fulfilling this career is being a Realtor.  My passion is what I do.  My work and life that I have is my passion.  I have already found it.  Maybe some of you have as well.

Why is my neighbor’s grass greener than mine?  Those people look so happy, they have everything, I want to be like them.  I want to be someone else.  I am not happy with who I am.  We all have to be honest and admit we all have had similar thoughts.

Why are we always searching for something better?  When what we already have is amazing.  Find joy and bliss in your life.  Enjoy whatever it is you are doing now.  Live in the moment.  Fully live your life.  Don’t complain about what you have.  Give thanks and appreciate your life.  You will be energized by the positive spirit of living your life rather than wanting something other people are selling to you.  Sometimes I feel it’s better to live our lives now without social media.  The noise of people selling to us through the virtual world is not real.  It’s not our life.  Why are we so addicted to these programs?  Be true to yourself.  Find out what is important to you, no one else.  Don’t be influenced by the experts trying to sell you their life.  Live your life.  Be strong.  Look within yourself and you will find strength.

Find your passion, be like me, blah, blah, blah.  Your passion is you.  Realize who you are and enjoy what you have already.  Yes, we can get better and we can always want more but do it on your own terms.  The passion and bliss of your life is doing and living your life.  This is such a meaningful and more fulfilling way of living your life.  Most of us are already working in a career or job which suits our talents, our skills and our desires.   Build on that.  Get better.  Improve your skills.  Fill your mind with quality rather than bs marketing.  Review who you are letting into your mind.  Be vigilant about who you are letting influence your life.

We need to produce results.  We need to add value in the marketplace.  We are paid for the results and value we bring to our company or our customers.

What about you?  How would you feel if you lost your current job?  Let’s say you were in a foreign land and you lost your routine of life.  It is a very interesting experience to have.  What I experienced was so surprising to me.  I thought I would be so happy getting away from my job and routine and yet it was the exact opposite.  I think visiting India and being so far away from my home and routine was life changing.  Going on a beach vacation for two weeks would not have had the same impact.  You have to completely lose who you are, what you have, and your life as you know it to experience how much you really love your life and what you do.  I think all of us fall into the trap of complaining. I hate this. I hate that.  My job sucks.  I hate my boss.  Blah, blah, blah.  Same as it ever was.  Don’t fall into this trap.  Remember who you are.  Appreciate your life.  Your family.  Your job. You chose it for a reason.  I know a lot of you who listen to this podcast are transitioning into real estate.  My advice to you is to make it happen sooner rather than later.  It is a great career and I will be here to help you along the way.  My best to you and I am so happy to bring my thoughts and feelings to you in this podcast.

In closing here I want you to seriously review and evaluate who you are letting influence you—your family, your friends, your co-workers.  The virtual world with all of the social media programs.  Let it go.  Read a book instead.  There are many great books of literature which I am sure you have not read yet.  Read a good book rather than spending an hour on Facebook.  I urge you to do this.  Go back and listen or re-listen to my podcast episode—“We Become What We Think About”—we become what we let into our mind.   Be strong and don’t let other people tell you how to live YOUR life.

Now I am back home.  We got back last week.  I see my life in a different way now.  I do appreciate all of the little things now.  I don’t complain now.  What I used to complain about before now I enjoy.  I lost it all when I was in India.  It sounds dramatic but it’s true.  I am very happy with who I am and I am blessed to live the life I have.  I wish the same for you.  Thank you.

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