What if You Could Take 25 Top Agents/Coaches Out for Coffee?

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One of the best ways for us to keep improving our skills and getting better is to network with successful people in our industry.  People always say, “invite a rich person out to lunch so you can be rich too.”

The same applies for real estate.  We can invite successful Agents or Coaches out for lunch or a coffee.  It’s a great way to get advice, tips and inspiration.  I have done this in the past and still continue to do so.

Here’s a good question:  What if you could take 25 Top Agents, Coaches or Trainers out for a coffee for a 20 minute conversation with each of them in just 5 days?  That would be something, wouldn’t it?  I know I would love this.  You could learn from your coffee mentor their top 3 tips for generating more business as a Realtor and building a satisfying and fulfilling long-term career.  I think that would be fantastic.

I am working on a new and exciting project to be able to deliver this to you.  Stay tuned for more updates…………………..









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Respect The “Inbox”

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Respect Your Customer’s “Inbox”  

I sign up for a lot of email and newsletter lists online to see how other people market themselves.

I feel the most important takeaway I have learned from email marketing is to respect your customer’s inbox.   You might be wondering why I use the word “customer” in this context?  It’s appropriate because it was an exchange of value–I gave the person my email address with the expectation that I would receive emails which were of interest and helpful to me.  A fair trade.  We get bombarded everyday online by websites wanting our email address.  Remember this when you get an email address from a prospective customer.   Be responsible with your email marketing.

I’m writing this post this morning because last week I signed up to be on a person’s email list to have access to a training type video–I signed up on the evening of September 30.  Since then I have received 14 emails from this person trying to sell me one of his products.  Crazy!!  I have lost respect and admiration for him even though he is recognized as an expert in his field.

Have you had a similar experience lately?   I sure hope not.


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