How Do You Set Yourself Apart from the Competition as a Realtor?

How Do You Set Yourself Apart from the Competition?

How Many Real Estate Agents are you competing against?  A lot!  Last year in my daughter’s fifth grade class of 25 students four of the parents were Realtors.  (including me)

The Failure Rate for Real Estate Agents is very high?  Why is that?  Inability to generate leads on a consistent basis over time.

What do the Top Producing Agents Do Differently–How do they set themselves apart from the competition?

What is your Competitive Advantage?  Do you have one?

I just added this video module to my video training course:  Your First Day as a Real Estate Agent

I am so excited about this video training course.  All new Real Estate Agents need to buy this course and watch the videos.  Good luck!


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Your First Day as a Real Estate Agent Video Training Course

“Your First Day as a Real Estate Agent” is now available for purchase on Vimeo.

The failure rate for new Real Estate Agents in their first year is 75%.   If you’re reading this and you’re new or just starting out you only have a 25% chance for success.   That is a very daunting proposition when you are making such a big life change when starting a new career.

Becoming a successful Real Estate Agent is very challenging.  One of the reasons is the training you receive or have access to is not enough to help you succeed.   This is reality.  I am not sugar coating it.

I have created a video training course for new Agents to help them on their first day to get their business up and running.  I don’t want you to become a statistic.  My methods and strategies are proven.  I teach what I used and what I have taught others.  I was forty years old, married a year, our first daughter was born two months after I started full time as a Realtor.  Talk about life changing.  But I made it and I teach all of the strategies I used so you can succeed as well.  Last year I received the prestigious RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award for earning over $1M in gross commissions in my career.

To succeed you need all the help you can get, my training video library will give you an edge over your competition.

Videos:  The Challenge is to Build a Long-Term Career, Getting Started, Don’t Become a Statistic!  Stay in the Game, Prime Your Marketing Engine, Building Your Brand, What Customers Want and Expect from You as their Realtor, How To Get People to Like You and Trust You Online, How To Set Yourself Apart from The Competition.

It’s very easy to get a real estate license but the real challenge is making a career out of it.  For more information on my video training course click here Your First Day as a Real Estate Agent  This course will help you succeed and build a long-term and profitable career in real estate.

itunes cover honest real estate agent